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Welcome to H Van World and the enthusiastic home of the iconic Citroen H van. If this is your first visit, we hope that you enjoy it and that it gives you the knowledge that you seek! Since we began some years ago, other companies have set up in opposition, some claiming to be bigger, some better, Actually, we are the largest and most experienced with 40+ vans always in stock in the UK and over 350 sold worldwide since we began!
We supply vans to whatever specification you require; occasionally unrestored, but usually fully restored and painted and most often completely fitted out inside and ready to trade or promote products. We will build whatever you can imagine!
We have exported Citroen H vans to Japan, Australia, France, Norway, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Dubai, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and, more locally, Ireland, Isle of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey and Scotland. If you are not living in England, we will be happy to quote delivery charges to any part of the world.Whether you are an enthusiast who simply wants a Citroen H van to enjoy, or a company that wants one to earn its keep, call us for friendly, professional advice. We will never claim our H vans to be the cheapest because we build them and update them to be as reliable as possible for business use, but we think that this is invaluable if you are considering using an old vehicle, any old vehicle, for a business. You can never make an old vehicle new, but you can go a long way towards making them reliable.




‘There is something fundamental in
the design of Citroen’s H van that
causes people to smile...’

Alan Lloyd, H Van World



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