In our desire to acquire the best possible Citroen HY and HZ vans, H VAN WORLD has a specialist team based near Antibes in the
South of France. Generally speaking, the further south one travels in France, the more rust free the van that you can find. But they are
never easy to locate! France is a vast country, and we generally find our vans in the most remote places. Each one has to then be
transported back to the UK and examined in detail before being offered for sale. Despite our expertise and selection process however,
you must remember that every H van is over 30 years old, and some are as mature as 60! So, even we can’t guarantee a vehicle of
that age, but you can at least rely on our extensive knowledge to avoid the worst pitfalls. We try to stock a complete selection of vans
from restoration projects to the most immaculate vans, and ranging in age from the 1950’s to the final production in 1981.We always try
to keep a varied stock, including varying lengths, heights and body styles. If we do not currently have what you are after, ask us to
locate it for you. If anyone can, H VAN WORLD can!



A superb new addition for us, this lovely long wheel base van has spent its life as a camper van, so very unstressed.
The van is amazingly solid with a perfect chassis and no actual body rot. Scruffy maybe, but with the side windows removed, and the whole van repainted, it will be superb.
We will be restoring this van both bodily and mechanically and can build it to your specification. Long H vans are very hard to find in solid condition - relatively few were built and most rusted away because they were too long to fit in a garage.
Don't miss this one - who knows when we will find another.




A rare extended length Citroen HY van. The van was being restored by its French owner and a huge amount of work has already been done to it. All the new panels are with the van and it does start and drive.
We will be fully restoring this van, or you can buy it 'as is' and finish it yourself. A superb and rare example, for sale as it is for £12,000.



A recent find from mid France - very sound and original H van in 'as found' condition. We will be fully restoring this van or we can sell exactly as it is for you to restore.
The body is much better than it looks in the pictures and the important underside is excellent. Needs a full rebuild mechanically, of course, or you could have it as a static van.
£10,000 as it is.



Another rock solid, unwelded and all original paneled Citroen H van - we have found some real beauties recently! This one had been stripped by its French owner as he was intending to fully restore it himself. As so often happens, other things seem to have got in the way!
Currently the engine and gearbox are sitting in the back of the van, so we can either sell as is or build it into a static engineless van or a fully restored and driving example.
Price will obviously depend upon how you want it, so talk to us!



A lovely, newly painted and mechanically restored Citroen HY van. We were very pleased to find this van as it has really nice original but surprisingly solid and straight, sides and was generally very solid even before we started work on it.
This beauty is UK registered and MOT tested and ready to drive away.
Alternatively, we can alter it and fit it out inside to your specification. As is, £21,245. No VAT on this van.




We are delighted to have been able to purchase such a sound, straight Citroen H van. Currently the van is not fitted with an engine or gearbox so it would make an amazingly perfect static catering van or promotional vehicle etc.
Alternatively we can fit a rebuilt petrol engine with a rebuilt gearbox, new radiator, exhaust, brakes, tyres, seats etc.and paint your chosen colour. Price will obviously depend upon your chosen specification.
A really amazingly good base vehicle - very hard to find in this condition.



One owner from new, never welded or painted......not a description that you would expect to be applied to a 47 year old H van! But, amazingly, here it is!
A beautiful original example which runs and drives. We will sell exactly as is, or we will restore mechanically in our workshops.
Talk to us - we can build this lovely van to your specification. A most unusual opportunity indeed.



Another newly completed and simply beautiful example. Full body restoration, new side opening hatch fitted and then painted inside and out.
Full mechanical restoration including all new brakes and brake pipes, new radiator, new petrol tank, new stainless exhaust system, new water pump, new tyres, new lights etc etc.
Totally rebuilt and recovered seats, UK registered and MOT tested.
Drive away as is, or we can fit out inside to whatever specification that you may choose. As is, £20,400 plus VAT



Newly completed, this lovely late H van is ready to become a coffee bar, wine bar or whatever you plan to sell. The van has been bodily and mechanically restored by us and then fitted out inside to a very high standard with full insulation, ply lining and grey aluminium wall and ceiling covering, side opening, real oak customer counter, stainless rear counter, polyflor non slip flooring, lighting, electrical sockets etc.
Mechanically the van is restored including new brakes, tyres, stainless exhaust, radiator, and overhauled electrics, engine etc. Fully rebuilt and recovered seats, UK registered and MOT tested. Finished in a new coat of the original Citroen grey. Ready to trade! £29,000



This example, one of the very last to be built (production finished in 1981) has been totally restored, both mechanically and bodily.
It has new brakes, tyres, stainless exhaust, radiator.......you name it! Then, off to the bodyshop for a repaint in its original colour of gris matinal - superb!

Finally, we fit new seats, new window frames and have it MOT tested.
After that, fitted out inside for catering/drinks/promotions with counters, non slip flooring, lighting, and side opening hatch. Ready to trade!
£29,500 plus VAT



Here is an unusual one! Fully converted early split screen H van coffee sales van with two gang coffee machine, basins and grinder, plus everything else you need to run the business.
The van has been beautifully painted to look aged and rusty.....but that is just the paint effect and air brushing!
This van is rock solid and will be sold fully serviced and MOT tested. Ready to trade.



A superbly fitted out H van with oak counters, fully lined and insulated interior, two basins with hot and cold water, non slip floor, fridge, push out glass display cabinet and full interior lighting and electrics.
The van is for sale 'as is' with a problem with its diesel engine. Ideal therefore for anyone with a fixed pitch.
However, at additional cost we can fit another engine, either petrol or diesel.
Talk to us or better still, come and view.



A very sound UK registered Citroen H van that has just gone through our workshop for a full mechanical restoration. Rebuilt brakes, new stainless exhaust system etc.
Now ready to drive away or we can paint it your colour and fit it out to your specification inside.
Perfect chassis and lovely body - a very nice example. As is; £18,700.



NEW CATERING CONVERSION Amazingly, this van has not had any welding and is still in its original grey paint. The body is superb, the van drives beautifully and it is newly MOT tested and is UK registered.
After our mechanical checks and updates, we have fitted an opening side hatch and fitted out the inside to a very high standard. Fully insulated and lined, non slip floor, two counters with two basins, water heater, shelf, lots of electrical sockets, lights.....you name it.
Superb and all ready to trade - £29895.
If you wish, we can paint the van your colour and add interior equipment - just ask.



This example, one of the very last to be built (production finished in 1981) has been totally restored, both mechanically and bodily.
It has new brakes, tyres, stainless exhaust, radiator.......you name it! Then, off to the bodyshop for a repaint in its original colour of gris matinal - superb!
Finally, we fit new seats, new window frames and have it MOT tested.

£20,890 plus VAT 



So original, such patina, so lovely!
OK, so I view it as an enthusiast, whereas you may not see what we see......in that case, we can paint it for you!
This lovely van had been asleep in a French barn for many years until we awoke it earlier this year. Amazingly, it is still wearing its original paint....and, of course, a few original French dents.
But, importantly, no rust. We have been using this van ourselves extensively recently following it's complete mechanical restoration, and can vouch for how well it runs and drives. As usual, it has new brakes, tyres, radiator, stainless exhaust system, new seats etc.
Buy as is to have the fashionable look that everyone loves for just £18777 plus VAT. Alternatively, we can fit it out inside for you and paint it any colour you wish.



Believe it or not, this beautiful original van had been locked away for over 30 years!
It took some serious manoevering to release it from its incarceration, but succeed we did.
And it was worth it. Original paint and original dents, but solid.
We have carried out a total mechanical restoration including brakes, engine, tyres, exhaust, radiator, seats etc.
It is now MOT tested (as all our vans are) and will be UK registered in days.
If you like the original patinated look, you will love this van. Drive away for just £18,000 plus VAT.
As usual we can paint it, fit it out....or whatever!


1973 Very rare high top SOLD

If you are critical, you could describe this one as scruffy......even I will accept that.
But, now that this van has passed through our workshop and had a full mechanical rebuild, it will shortly go to the bodyshop for body repairs and paint.
When finished, it will look superb and will have lots of headroom for tall chefs or baby giraffes.
As usual with our renovations, this van has new tyres, new brakes, new radiator, new stainless exhaust etc.
Very unusual van - don't miss it.
We can sell as is, with new MOT for just £15000 or with fresh body and new paint, £24,400.




Recently owned by our local council, this superb bus drives very nicely and has masses of space inside. The passenger seats have been removed, so this van would make an amazing camper or catering, promotional vehicle.
Whilst we have had it, the MOT has expired though it still drives very well. Because of this, we will sell for just £3500.
If nothing else, you could use it as a superb shed !! It really is too good for that though.


Newbuild Catering Horsebox Trailer

A brand new build, ready for action now! As much space inside as an H van, but a cheaper alternative. Fully lined out inside and fitted with counters, lighting, electric power points, electrical hook-up, two basins with water heater, side opening hatch with drop down customer shelf and non slip flooring.
The trailer itself is fitted with four brand new tyres.
Superb and ready to earn money. £14,950


1964 Citroen HY - SOLD


This superb Citroen H van has been totally restored by us. Fully rebuilt both bodily and mechanically and fitted with large side opening and non slip flooring inside. Ready for you, or us if you wish, to add your own design interior.
The bodyshell was completely stripped and many brand new steel panels were fitted before it was fully resprayed - this van is now as solid as when it was new!
Mechanically restored with, amongst other things, new brakes, stainless exhaust, radiator, tyres, lights, wipers/washers and seats.
New MOT and UK registration. Totally superb and ready to drive away - £25,000 plus VAT


1971 Citroen HY

Fully restored, immaculate. Petrol.

We rebuilt this incredibly solid and original van to as near perfection as is possible - primarily to prove how superbly we can restore
these beautiful vans! Over £10,000 was spent just on perfecting and painting the body, both inside and out! Do not compare this van to
one that you might find on Ebay or similar websites. This van is without doubt the best and most correct H van currently for sale.
The van is newly MOT tested and UK registered, ready to be driven away, or we can fit it out inside for you before you take it.
Would make a really superb promotional van for any product or company - £ Ask.


1969 Citroen HY SOLD


So, I admit that this isn't the prettiest van that we have in stock at the moment......but on the other hand, it runs, drives and stops and is cheap!
This would be ideal for either DIY restoration or for use on private land where an MOT isn't necessary.
Alternatively, we can restore or part restore it for you.
For sale as is for just £12,000.


1964 Citroen HY SOLD


A really lovely low mileage, sound van in original paint - yes it has some typical French dents, but so do they all when we first find them! 
This lovely sound van has covered just 75,000 kilometres (just 46,000 miles!) and will be totally restored in our workshops.
Let us know the body colour that you would like, the seat colour and what, if anything, you want inside - then let us build it exactly as you have dreamt!
Call us.


1964 Citroen HY - SOLD


Built by us a little over one year ago, this superb van is ready to trade tomorrow!
Fully insulated and lined out interior, non slip flooring, lighting, two basins with hot water heater, under counter fridge, large side opening hatch
with oak customer shelf, two counters, fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
MOT tested, serviced and UK registered - ready to go!


1979 Citroen HY - SOLD

Perfect Van. We (and you!) will find it nigh on impossible to find a better Citroen H van than this. This is a fully restored (mechanically and bodily) sound original van that we found with a long term owner in Southern France. Repainted in its original Gris Matinal grey, this van is one of the last built (production finished in 1981) and is therefore to the very final specification.
A really lovely van that we can convert inside to your exact specification or you can simply enjoy as is. The van is UK registered and MOT tested. Really lovely - £24,000 plus VAT.


1972 Citroen HY SOLD

Best in the world? How can I start with this beauty? Perfect? Stunning? Just words, but you will not disagree when you see it. Found as a one owner from new vehicle in France with its original owner. Although we have totally restored the van bodily and mechanically, no welding was required and no new panels! 
The van has been totally repainted inside and out in its original Citroen Gris Metallise, mechanically restored in our workshop, UK registered and finally, MOT tested.
As ever, we can convert this to your exact needs and specification. You will never find a nicer, more original example. £28,500.


1971 Citroen HY

Petrol. Rare extended length model. Well, well well, how special is this? We have used pictures from how we discovered this beauty in the Seine-et-Marne region, not far from Paris.
The van is beautifully original and still in its original paint. The body is amazingly sound and straight and it will form a really superb base for your special catering/promotion/camper van.
Because of its extra length, these vans are always much in demand. We will put it through our normal mechanical and body restoration process and convert the inside, if you wish, to your own wishes. The restored van will be £23,600 plus VAT, painted your colour.


1968 Citroen HY Van


MOT tested. Drive away today! A lovely original example with massive character. This superb van is UK registered and MOT tested and will be going through our workshop for mechanical checkover, updating and full service. This van would be great van to keep exactly as it is, or, we can fit it out inside, repaint it etc. You name it!
If you want to simply drive away in this beauty, buy as is for £16,780.